Cops find $250,000 in a house …”2 ARRESTED OVER PIARCO HEIST”

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Have the police arrested the right persons in connection with Wednesday’s $5.5 million robbery at Piarco International Airport?

Is the $250,000 which the police found in a house in Longdenville, part of the loot?

Are the persons detained in this matter connected to a soldier attached to Camp Ogden, St James?

According to reports, a party of officers from the Organised Crime Narcotics and Intelligence Unit, acting on information received, went to a house in Longdenville, on Thursday evening.

The officers searched the house and allegedly found the money, comprising only $50 bills, in a suitcase. A man and woman who were at the house during the search were subsequently arrested and were said to be assisting police further in their investigations.

Police are saying that the male occupant is related to a soldier at Camp Ogden, and that soldier frequents the house at Longdenville. Is it a coincidence, or are they part of the team which pulled off the daring morning robbery?

Following the robbery, the police detained seven persons, including two security guards. One has since been released. The other remains in custody and police say he is the key to the investigations.

Around 11 am on Wednesday, four masked men, dressed in camouflage uniforms, and armed with high-powered weapons, held up the Amalgamated Security van and moved off with $5.5 million which was destined for Tobago.

The getaway Hilux vehicle was found an hour later, abandoned in Oropune Gardens, Piarco.

On Friday, social media was abuzz with the news that some of the loot was recovered. They even displayed photos of two persons and called their as the persons detained at the Longdenville house.
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