Cops detain 2 suspects …”CASINO MANAGER ABDUCTED”

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Alicia Ameerali is today thanking her lucky stars after she was rescued by police at the hands of three abductors.

Ameerali, 48, Manager of the Xante Private Members Club in Woodbrook, was held by the men who had planned to take her to the Club, open the building and the vault and escape with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police said Ameerali worked on Monday night and closed the Club shortly after 3 am and went to her Diego Martin home.

Around 4.10 am on Tuesday, Ameerali, was driving her Matrix vehicle along the Diego Martin Main Road when three men in a white panel van blocked her way.

She stopped and the three men broke her car window, threatened to kill her, and told her to hand over the keys for the club, which she did, begging them to spare her life.

They bundled her into their van and kept threatening her. An anonymous person called the police and an APB was immediately put out. Officers of the Four Roads Police Station spotted the vehicle in Cocorite and a chase ensued.

However, the chase ended at Coronation Street, St James, when the police intercepted the vehicle.

Two of the men were immediately arrested while a third escaped.

Ameerali, who was kept on the floor was rescued. She was taken to hospital and treated and later discharged.

The two suspects were taken to the St James Police Station. Based on certain information received, police said the plan to rob the Club was an inside job.

According to reports, the three abductors knew where everything is in the Club. The suspects, who live at Never Dirty, Morvant, are an acquaintance with a staff member of the Club. Police plan to interrogate that staff members in the coming days.

Police are also looking at a certain person who was fired recently.

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