Who are the contractors giving free service to the govt?

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A buzz has gone through the contracting with the claim of a government minister of free service from some firms.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said Tuesday that certain contracting companies are undertaking school repairs with an assurance that they would be paid at some future date.

School repairs are being undertaken through the government-owned Education Facilities Company Ltd., (EFCL).

Officials of the Contractors Association say they are not aware of any companies providing such services, especially with an outstanding government bill of some $2 billion.

A sample of contractors polled said they also unaware of that arrangement.

Contractors have been publicly grousing about the overdue debt, explaining that several are facing challenges from banks and creditors.

TT Whistleblower has reported that several contractors have sent home workers and sold assets of equipment in order to meet urgent and hefty bills.

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert recently said that some $300 million has been released for part-payment on the debt.

EFCL is seeking to complete repairs of several schools in time for the start of the academic year, on September 5.

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