Closure of Petrotrin will …”MASH UP SOUTH”

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The closure of the Petrorin refinery will mash up South Trinidad.

This according to former Director of Energy Industries at IndustriAll, Jim Catterson, who said the closure of the Petrotrin makes no economic sense.

Catterson said unemployment would rise and poverty would spread across the nation.

Catterson said Government must consider the proposal presented by the OWTU last week.

He added, “Tens of thousands of people would be unemployed. These people would no longer contribute to the national economy through taxes. They would no longer contribute to the national economy. There would be a downward spiral of the economy into poverty.”

Catterson said it was important that the government have further discussion with the OWTU and Petrotrin management.

He declared, “Get around the table and discuss the future of this industry and economy. It is the only way to resolve this situation. Find a way for the country to survive. Where would you get the foreign exchange to buy the things you need? And when you can produce these products yourself.”

Catterson said oil workers were highly skilled, educated and knowledgeable and should be paid accordingly.
He dismissed reports by Minister of Energy, Franklin Khan, that salary and wages totaled 52 per cent of Petrotrin’s operating cost.

He added, “Salary and wages is under 10 per cent of the company’s operating cost. Oil workers are highly skilled, educated and handles equipment worth millions and potentially dangerous. So they should be highly paid.”

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Jim Catterson with OWTU members

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