Chutney artiste slams PNM Women …”AMUSING AND HYPOCRITICAL”

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One day after the Women’s League of the People’s National Movement (PNM) attacked his latest song,  a chutney artiste has responded by saying the attack on him was amusing and hypocritical.

Nirmal “Massive” Gosine was condemned for his 2018 song, “Rowley Mudda Count.”

Gosine issued a media statement on Sunday, to respond to the League’s Chairman, Camille Robinson-Regis. The statement reads:

“I find the objection by the PNM women’s league to my calypso “Rowley Mudda Count” to be amusing and hypocritical.

It is an interesting paradox that the PNM would be calling for a Boycott of a song it deems to be “a massive fail”. I thank them for helping me to publicize my song as I have in fact received several more bookings for performances and thousands more hits on you-tube as a result of their intervention.

Double entendre is a well-established tool in the calypso art form that has never troubled the PNM before. Robinson Regis did not object to “Oma Account Big” – Rootsman, “Paul yuh mudda come”- Crazy and “Yuh mudda can’t” – Sprangalang.

That the PNM Women’s League league has suddenly found its voice and concern for women after remaining silent about Dr. Rowley’s humiliating and degrading comments about women speaks volumes about the sincerity of their objection. Where was their concern for “the boundaries of good taste” and “obscene word play” when Dr. Rowley openly:

• Told women to choose their men wisely

• Compared women to a Golf Course that needs grooming

• Referring to a 65-year-old woman by using the term Jammetery

• Telling a woman, she could bark at meh dog, because I goh ignore she cyat.

It is good that Robinson Regis recognizes that “there are significant divisions across the country”. It is sad that she did not see it fit to issue a similar call for calypsonians to desist from singing songs that would deepened those divisions when Cro-Cro and Sugar Aloes sang openly racist calypsos against the Indo Trinbagonian community. It is strange that she did not object to lyrics that dubbed “Oma Panday a kitchen mechanic”, certain UNC supporters “lick bottom Africans” or the violent open challenge to Indians to “Come in Tong and yuh go see”.

The PNM does not own Calypso. For far too long it has been used in support of the PNM to the exclusion of other groups. There is a noticeable reluctance by calypsonians to criticize Rowley and the PNM and this exposes the inherent political bias in an art form that is suppose to be a part of our national culture.

Calypso is funded by tax payers of all races and political persuasions. The biting, hard hitting and unforgettable lyrics when Panday and Kamla were in power seem to have disappeared when the shoe is on the other foot. We must be able to call a spade a spade as the naked and raw reality is there for all to see.

Calypso tents are closing down as many Indians have stopped patronizing because of the racial and political abuse and insults. My song is no different to the popular 80’s hits “Hey Pocky A-Way” by The Meters and “Paul yuh mudda come”:

As for my use of props promoting stereotypes, perhaps Ms. Robinson Regis’s political amnesia can be easily addressed if she cares to take a look at the type of obscene and vulgar props that have been used by other Calypsonians over the years to denigrate, humiliate and insult the Indian community to the glee and delight of many. I therefore make no apologies double entendre and local jargon to express the public frustration with the government and what they would really like to say to PM Rowley. What sweet in PNM goat mouth now sour in de bam bam!”
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