Christmas Day sermon …”OUR KILLING FIELDS”

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“The killing fields of Trinidad and Tobago.”

That was how Presbyterian Minister, Daniel Teelucksingh, described the sad state of affairs in Trinidad and Tobago, as he delivered his Christmas Day sermon at the Susamachar Presbyterian Church, Coffee Street, San Fernando.

Teelucksingh compared the war zone of Aleppo, Syria and the vicious truck attack on a Christmas village in Berlin, Germany to the killing fields of Trinidad and Tobago where the murder rate has already surpassed that of 2015 and where families of missing loved ones are left to grieve by themselves.

He added, “Our notorious killing fields in Trinidad and Tobago is as vicious and as deadly as last week’s market bombing in Berlin.”

Teelucksingh said if international news agencies such as CNN and the BBC were to cover Trinidad and Tobago, “we would make more news than Aleppo and Berlin. “If they were here, we would be making the world news just as any war-torn country in the Middle East or any country in Europe that is terrorized.

The Minister added, “I tell you something, all these areas that are covered because of violence and crime they would be a joke to what is happening in the killing fields of Trinidad and Tobago. And for those of you who love to say that crime is down, well crime is not down in Aleppo, Syria, it is not down in San Fernando or Port of Spain, or Trinidad and Tobago.”

Teelucksingh continued, “over 1,000 families have been affected by the spiraling murder rate between 2015 and 2016. Our killing fields in Trinidad and Tobago is more vicious than the truck attack in Berlin.

“Too many families in our society will not celebrate Christmas this year and their sadness will go on into the new year.”

Teelucksingh cited the song, Blue Christmas, as the unofficial anthem of these families who would be shedding tears amid pleas for justice which would remain unanswered as Trinidad and Tobago seem to be a land where so many cases go cold.

“Who are these families who know about the sad tear drops and the sad memories that come calling, 420 of them in 2015, about 450 in 2016 so far, family members who were murdered. I want to remember and think about a mother’s sadness. She lives in Barataria – her 15-year-old son was shot to death this month. Did you hear about the Penal truck driver? He has a family, the family missed him for 11 days and he was found dead near an oil well in the district with his body duct taped, wrapped in a tarpaulin and dumped.

“For 11 days they cried and 11 days they prayed. I want you to remember the grief of a son who witnessed the shooting death of his mother a few days ago, a mother who was weeping for her young son who was shot to death for his gold chain and the sad tear drops keep falling for that young lady in Port-of-Spain who was murdered in a warehouse.

“This is a land where nobody seems to care. I want to appeal to all families in Trinidad and Tobago to spare a thought and say a prayer for the families that will not be having a merry Christmas.”

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