Chinese Supermarket attacked in Barataria …ARSON, THEN LOOTING

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The people of Barataria and surrounding areas literally took the name of Benefit the People Supermarket to benefit themselves.

First, there was an arson attack on the supermarket around 1.30 am on Monday. Then there was looting like never seen before. It reminded those present of July 1990 when there was an attempted coup in Trinidad and the coup maker, Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, said there would be no looting.

On Monday, the looters were on the scene early.

The fire broke out at the Benefit the People Supermarket, located at Eastern Main Road, Barataria, at around 1.30 a.m.

Two Chinese nationals who were in the business at the time, made it out alive. The two, a man and a woman, were living at the back of the premises. The fire broke out on the ground floor at the front of the business.

Officers of the San Juan Fire Station responded to the call.

According to fire officials, the damage was mostly heat and smoke. Damage is estimated around $1.5 million. Fire officials say the cause of the blaze is suspected arson.

But shortly after daybreak, the looters crawled out of their holes and raided the supermarket as the two Chinese nationals looked on.

The looters, men, and women all of the ages, went into the supermarket and rolled out with goods on trolleys. One man carted away a trolley filled with puncheon. A man and his wife escaped with boxes of pampers.

One by one, the looters walked in and out in a hurry. Everybody left with something. A call was eventually made to the police who rushed to the scene. The police caught people leaving with the loot. But the police did not arrest anyone.

The looters just left the good behind and ran away. Passerby watched on in amazement at the looting in broad daylight.


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