Chinese businessman robbed of $400,000…6 rogue cops in custody

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The last time so many police officers were arrested for one crime was four years ago when seven officers were held for the murder of three Moruga residents. That case is still pending as one of the seven turned state witnesses with the trial set to begin shortly.

In the latest incident, six rogue policemen have been arrested after they used a marked police vehicle with flashing blue lights, and tactical gear to commit a $400,000 robbery last week.
One of the six, stationed at the San Juan sub-station, was arrested on Friday hours after the robbery and confessed to the crime. He gave up the identities of his five accomplices.

The robbery was captured on closed circuit television cameras which were posted and viewed at several social media sites.

The robbery occurred at the home of Wei Hui Zhu at Soledad Road, Claxton Bay. Footage showed a marked police vehicle with lights flashing at the gate of the businessman. Three suspects emerged from that vehicle, police said.
A second vehicle, a black SUV, also pulled up to Zhu’s home and three others alighted. The Chinese businessman was told that by rogue cops that they had the warrant to search his home, to which he complied.

They stole the cash and two iPhones. A report was made and the investigating officers tracked one of the phones and allegedly found it at the home of one of the suspects.

One of the officers, who was off-duty, went to the station and signed off on a vehicle and a firearm and went to commit the robbery.

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