Caught lying about his wife …”YTEPP CEO GETS THE AXE”

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Nigel Forgenie lied to the Public Accounts Enterprises Committee that he had no relatives employed at the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP) where he was chief executive officer.

When it turned out that his wife was employed at YTEPP under her maiden name, he changed his story.

Well that lie cost him his job.

Minister of Communications, Stuart Young, made the announcement at the post-Cabinet news conference on Thursday, that Forgenie got the axe.

Forgenie was caught lying when he appeared before a Public Accounts Enterprises Committee (PAEC) meeting on July 4.

He was asked on several occasions by Independent Senator, David Small, whether he had any relatives employed at YTEPP.

He repeatedly denied this.

It was only when Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus asked whether any person was hired under their maiden name that Forgenie confessed  his wife was employed at YTEPP.

Forgenie, who has been CEO for 12 years was also facing  concerns with respect to financial mismanagement at the State Enterprise.

He  admitted that he took a unilateral decision to have a Prado which was purchased for his use to be unmarked and not carry the YTEPP logo.

Young said the YTEPP board led by Thora Best called Forgenie to a meeting on July 5 and due process was followed where he was allowed to explain areas of concern.

Young said the board also referred to Forgenie’s responses at the Committee meeting.

He said the Board reviewed Forgenie’s responses and concluded that it can no longer repose any confidence in Mr Forgenie.

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Nigel Forgenie

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