Attempt to kill ex-prisoner …”A CAT WITH 9 LIVES”

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He was described as a cat with nine lives!

Ex-prisoner Nicholas Gajadhar, 30, of Stanleyville, Ste Madeleine, was shot ten times, on Saturday night.

At around 9.45 p.m, Gajadhar was confronted by the gunman outside a building complex located next to the Mon Repos Police Station.

Gajadhar was standing outside Building 11 when a man dressed in a camouflage jacket and dark three quarter pants shot him twice in the head, and the chest and stomach at close range. The gunman ran off and escaped.

Gajadhar was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital, warded in critical condition.

Police said that he was released from prison two weeks ago where he served a sentence for a firearm related offence.

In March 2012 Gajadhar survived another attack on his life.

He was shot multiple times while liming at Charlies’ Bar, Point-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando.

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Nicholas Gajadhar

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