Case building against gang members …PM: “WE HAVE NOT LOST THE FIGHT”

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Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is saying that his Government has not lost the fight against crime.

And Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, has added fuel to the fire to say that the police are building a case against gang members.

Social media and other sections of society have already condemned Rowley’s statement, saying that the criminals are in charge.

But Rowley is adamant, ““The fight against crime is a fight that we have to remain engaged because our very lives are involved.

Nobody in this country is immune to the reckless behaviour of some citizens, many of whom behave like this because they have chosen crime as a way of life.

“We will redouble our efforts with respect to national security and national safety issues. We are not going to concede that those who behave like this and endanger the population, are to be left unattended.”

Concerning the three killings at the Chaguaramas boardwalk on Sunday, Rowley said this shows that among the population, roaming the streets, there are “cold-blooded killers.”

He declared this was an outrageous aspect of behaviour from those people who chose to live a life of crime and reiterated that all the resources available will be used in the fight against crime.

He said this includes more training of law-enforcement personnel, investing in better equipment and bringing national security assets back into operation. He said Government will be putting in an order for a new Cape Class vessel for the Coast Guard soon. Six Austal fast patrol boats, which were non-operational under the former People’s Partnership (PP) Government, are being brought back into service. More talk again!

Rowley said there was no need for the Soldier Bill to return as the Defence Force is engaged with the police in the fight against crime.

The Defence Force’s assets are integrated with those of the police service and information-gathering agencies, he added. He also said when Parliament resumes, the country will learn about the work being done through the police manpower audit to improve the efficiency of the police service.

Rowley said there is no need for a state of emergency. On calls to fire National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, Rowley said the PP had had seven national security ministers in its tenure and this had no impact on crime.

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