Carnival just 6 weeks away …”MEDIA LAUNCH PUT OFF”

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Carnival 2018 is just six weeks away, but the media launch of the Greatest Show on Earth has been postponed.

The launch was carded for December 29, but has been put off with no date in mind.

Is the new Board of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) ready for Carnival 2018?

Despite the postponement, the new NCC chairman, Colin Lucas, said this will not affect the NCC’s operations.

On Tuesday, the NCC reported the media launch, in which plans for the various aspects of Carnival 2018 were to be shared, “will now be held in the New Year, pending the confirmation of critical plans.”

Lucas advised the public and the media they will be informed at the earliest possible date once confirmations have been made and apologized on behalf of the the NCC board for any inconvenience caused as a result of the change.

Lucas said the NCC started to put things in place for a December 29 launch, but in the course of doing that other things came up and they decided to postpone it.

He added, “Let us not just do it fast but do it right.” He said the new date for the media launch will be announced over the course of this week.

Asked whether the postponement would affect NCC’s plans, Lucas responded the launch is ceremonial and NCC can have Carnival without it but they want to say to the public and the world the festival is on.

Lucas was appointed chairman in mid-November and succeeded Kenny De Silva. Asked how he felt about holding the reins, Lucas said the first hurdle is Carnival 2018. He explained that when “you step into a functionality like this you realize it is about more than Carnival Monday and Tuesday.”

Lucas added, “It is a culture-bound and culture-determined organisation really by law responsible for a whole lot more than Carnival.”

“We have a lot of work to do after Carnival too.”

Lucas expressed hope that some effort is made to ensure subsequent boards are installed a much longer time before Carnival as it was difficult to start near the end of November and Carnival is early February.

He said in this case it was unavoidable because of how things fell into place with the timeline, but he still hoped things would be done a little differently with the next board appointment.
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