Canadian citizen among five murdered …”A BLOODY FRIDAY”

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It was a bloody Friday as at least five persons were murdered. Among them was a Canadian citizen, Vishnu Narine.

Narine was shot dead and his body dumped at the side of the Usine, Ste Madeleine pond.

Investigators believe that Narine, 57, was robbed of the $10,000 he had when he left the family home at St John’s Village, San Fernando.

Relatives told police they last saw Narine alive around 7 pm Thursday when he left to go to the Starlite Recreation Club in Palmyra Village, San Fernando. Around 7.15 am on Friday, two men working on a site earmarked for the construction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ South Regional Office found Narine’s body in a gravel road leading into the pond. They contacted police, who responded and found Narine with a gunshot wound to his face.

The body was taken to the Forensic Science Center, Federation Park, for an autopsy. No arrests have been made.


Police are also investigating the death of a Chaguanas shopkeeper who was shot by bandits on Friday.

A report stated that Ashram Ramnath, 32, was asleep when two bandits broke into his Chandanagore Old Road, Chaguanas, property around 3 am. Ramnath wrestled the bandits but was shot in the chest.


A Morvant man was shot dead at his home just after noon on Friday.

Police said Kevin Baptiste, 35, of Cipriani Avenue, Morvant, was at home with his brother when his two gunshots rang out around 12.15 pm. Baptiste’s brother later found him dead in a storage room of the house. Police said and residents reported that two men were seen fleeing the house following the shooting.

Baptiste, a Ministry of Works and Transport employee, is said to have had an altercation in the area, which may have led to the killing.

No arrests have been made.


It was murder number 12 in Tobago for 2017 when jeweller Roshan Lutchman was killed on Friday.

Lutchman was found at his Cove Estate, Canoe Bay, home around 2.30 pm. His body was found in a badly decomposed state in a ground floor bathroom.

Police officials said his hands were tied and his head was bashed in.

Sources said they believe he was tortured to death. Residents told police Lutchman was last seen alive on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters at the scene yesterday, Senior Supt Joanne Archie said the island recording its 12th murder was not a good feeling and was quite unusual compared to other years

She added, “I certainly can’t feel good about this, because this is quite unusual for Tobago and we just recorded the last two in the last month and what we are saying is that we continue to call on the residents, when you see something, say something.”

While police are yet to ascertain a motive, Archie said officers were told there have been disputes at the location before.

“We are not sure what would have happened here, but I am told the person there is a jeweller and we received certain information that persons visit from time to time and there’s always some dispute, maybe about transactions being conducted.”

Residents in the area also revealed there had been an ongoing feud between Lutchman and his neighbours, and police had to be called in on several occasions to mediate.

No arrests have been made.


Anderson Babwah, 24, was stabbed to death by his childhood friend on Friday.

Babwah and the suspect grew up like brothers, his mother Angela Regis said.

Babwah was stabbed several times and died while undergoing emergency treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Recalling the last moments she spent with her son, Regis, a mother of six, said around 6.30 am she called her son on the phone to wake him up.

She said Babwah, who ran a mini mart opposite their home at New Haven Avenue, had a job interview.

When he came across to the mini mart, she said they had a normal conversation.

“We were talking. We say God bless this day, today is a good day it will be successful and nice because he had an interview. We hug up, normal thing.”

She said after a few minutes the suspect called him and he went to meet him.

Regis added, “He was going to start the car to take it out the yard. A little while after I heard bawling.”

Regis said when she came out she saw her son bleeding on the ground. She heard the suspect say, “’Who next from around here.’”

Regis, his girlfriend and sister then rushed Babwah to the hospital in a car. She was told his lungs got punctured.

Describing her son as a loving and helpful child, Regis said he had a great future ahead of him. She said the suspect, who lived on the same street, only recently started tripping off.

The suspect has been arrested.

In an unrelated incident, Collin Henry, 24, who was shot along with his cousin Aaron Warner, 31, last Saturday night, died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope. The two were ambushed at the NP gas station near the Maritime roundabout.

The murder toll stands at 452.
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