Can T&T progress under a failing Government?

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It was apparent that even before the general election of 2015, Keith Rowley was going to have a serious problem in appointing government and cabinet positions if his campaign was victorious. Thus immediately following the election, Dr. Rowley found himself in a moral quandary with the regards to Clarence Rambharat, one of the first persons to be confirmed as a candidate in the elections, and entire year prior, and also one of the few candidates whose ministerial appointment was pre-ordained by the PNM.

When Mr. Rambharat failed to capture the necessary votes to win the Mayaro constituency however, it forced Dr.

Rowley to reveal the shortcomings of his slate, as at that point he had no choice but to appoint the losing candidate to the Ministry of Agriculture. Since then, the nation has been constantly reminded of this fact as the government continues to fumble thought their the portfolio without a plan, or even a clue as to how they could mask their incompetence.

To witness Nicole Oliverre get relieved of her duties as Minster of Energy in October 2016, and then re-instated, albeit as a Parliamentary Secretary, in June 2017 is a testament to the inadequacy of the PNM government. While this move may be excused by the recent health problems experienced by the current Minister of Energy however, it demonstrates the weakness in the other members of this government, when the Prime Minister obviously had no one else to call upon.

Moreover is the fact that persons who have come under serious criticism for their ineptitude in managing the affairs of this nation cannot be removed from office simply because there is no one in the government right now with the necessary skills or experience to replace them. Which is why just as Rohan Sinanan, Shamfa Cudjoe and Darryl Smith have all be given a lifeline, so too do I expect that Marlene McDonald will be allowed to continue as Minister of Public Utilities, as I am quite sure the Prime Minister doesn’t want to go down in history as the one who handed out the briefest appointment to a Ministry.

It is ironic, however, that someone considered instrumental to the management of Cabinet, due to her experience, would make such a blunder mere minutes after being re-issued her instruments.

But the issue that hasn’t recieved much attention in the midst of all of this chaos, is that we now have three Ministers in the Office of the Attorney General, together with a former AG serving in an advisory capacity. The reason this is significant, is because this Prime Minister had previously condemned both the People’s Partnership for separating the office into three entities during their tenure, as well as Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj when he was still actively involved in politics.

Yet here we are, less than two years into their term, and already the PNM is struggling so hard to manage their affairs that they have already resorted to copying the actions that they had promised to abolish. And none of this would matter if we thought that by allocating more manpower to the Ministry would guarantee better results, but the PNM have shown that they have no clear vision or goals and are hoping that by throwing more and more ingredients into the pot somehow it will mask the bitter taste left in our mouths when they ram it down our throats.

To hear that the Prime Minister is today concerned that his Ministers are affiliated with “community leaders”, when it was only in March of this year that he had sent the Minister of National Security to meet with other “community leaders” in Enterprise to ratify a peace deal, is insulting not only to those persons in our society who have committed their lives to the real development of their communities, but to the intelligence of the country at large.

More than that, but to provide persons suspected of criminal and gang activity with this endorsement only further confuses young people who may have already been tempted into this lifestyle. Unless of course the PNM themselves are also confused as to the difference between community leaders and criminals. Because that would certainly explain why their administration is unable to effectively capture or prosecute any of those criminals running amok in our country. 

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