Can the suspect walk free? …NO SECOND AUTOPSY ON SHANNON

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There will be no second autopsy on the body of 20-year-old Republic Bank employee, Shannon Banfield.

Both the police and the Forensic Sciences Centre will have to work with what they have from the first autopsy performed last Friday. That autopsy did not disclose a cause of death. It was inconclusive.

A second autopsy planned for Monday was called off by Shannon’s mother, Sherry Ann Lopez.

Lopez added, “I am not getting involved in the investigation. I lost my daughter. I really don’t want to know about the autopsy. I don’t want to remember her like that. So I don’t think a second autopsy would change anything.”

She added, “She was an angel and we have planned something very special for her. Friends and relatives would have to attend to be a part of it.”

On Friday, pathologist Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes, took samples from Shannon’s body for analysis. He is hoping in the coming days to reveal exactly how Shannon died. Shannon’s body was released on Monday for burial on Tuesday.
So how would the police now proceed with their investigation?

Without the cause of death, investigators are working along the lines of circumstantial evidence for the time being. They are still going to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions for guidance.

One suspect is still in custody, refusing to assist investigators with the matter.

Shannon was reported missing after she failed to return home from work last Monday night.

Lopez said her daughter called at 4 p.m. to say she had finished work and was going to Pennywise and IAM stores on Charlotte Street.

She said her daughter called after leaving Pennywise and said she was going to IAM and Company before going home. But she never made it home. Her decomposing body was found three days later on the third floor of IAM and company.

Police detained two IAM and Company employees hours after the body was found, but one was released on Saturday night.

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