At the busy Curepe Junction …MAN BRUTALLY BEATEN TO DEATH

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There were plenty witnesses to an attack by two men on a helpless man. But how many are going to come forward to give statements to the police that they witnessed these two men kill the other on Saturday night at the Curepe Junction?

So far, police are still awaiting witnesses.

The two men were arrested by a lone policeman after they viciously killed the man with a piece of metal and left him for dead on the roadway.

A video, which was posted to social media on Sunday, occurred on Saturday night near the Curepe junction along the Priority Bus Route (PBR).

The video shows a man wearing shorts, being accosted by two men for something he appeared to be hiding in his pants.

One man held on to his pants and tried to take something from the man, while another threatened to hit him with appeared to be a large piece of metal. In the midst of this, a civilian tried to intervene to save the man from a beating. But he was unsuccessful.

The man refused, a struggle ensued and the attacker hit the man with the metal bar, knocking him unconscious.
The two then went through the man’s pants, where it appears they retrieved an item, then left him in the roadway. They calmly walked away but was held by a lone policeman and made to lie on the ground until back-up arrived. The police seized the piece of metal.

 Man Murdered In Curepe

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