Brother of murder suspect …”ANITA, I AM SORRY”

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The brother of the man accused of murdering a woman in the Croisee, San Juan, on Wednesday, has apologized for what has happened.

Thurian Garcia made a four-minute video which went viral on Thursday, explaining the circumstances surrounding the death of Anita Bahadur.

Garcia described the situation as toxic.

Garcia called for his brother to face the full brunt of the law for his inexcusable action.

Garcia also took blame and responsibility for not doing enough to prevent the situation from escalating to the point where Bahadur was killed.

Instead, he said, he begged his brother on many occasions to distance himself from the woman.

Garcia added, “I have been working with him, toiling with him, speaking with him. For years I have been asking him to just distance himself from this situation because it is a toxic situation on both sides.

“For whatever it is, I do honestly feel a little bit responsible, because I feel like I did not try hard enough.

“Yes, it is true he came out of prison last week. I took him, I spoke to him, I took him to work with me and asked him to just leave the situation alone, but for some reason he just did not listen and it is so unfortunate that this have to come and happen now.”

“Nothing could justify his actions, so I hope he is penalised in the way that he should be penalised. We tried to curb the situation. I honestly believe that nothing should warrant anybody to take such actions against anybody no matter how tough the situation.”

According to reports, Bahadur made several reports to the police that she was being abused by an ex-lover. Bahadur made her last complaint to the San Juan Police Station five days before she was killed.

She was stabbed to death.

Bahadur, 27, told the police the suspect went to her work place at Maloney Street, Petit Bourg, on March 15 and made threats against her life to her co-workers.

Bahadur was not at work at the time of the alleged threats. In Bahadur’s report, she provided a description of the suspect and a photograph but could not provide a fixed address.

She, however, notified police the suspect was known to frequent an empty lot of land just off Hollis Street, Petit Bourg.

On the same day of the report, the police went in search of the suspect but did not find him.

Bahadur was a mother of four.

Anita Bahadur’s brother-in-law, Clifford Rollins Jr, expressed his anger over the situation.

He asked, “Where is Anita? She gone. She not coming back. She was looking for protection from the police and got none! What work out? From six feet under? That’s what the police was waiting for to actually do something now?”

Rollins said Bahadur was beaten badly while in the relationship with the suspect, adding the licks was so bad she was left with lifetime marks and scars.

He continued, “We gave police photos of the suspect and also photos with the marks and scars she would get. They have everything. We made several reports at the Chaguanas, Tunapuna and San Juan Police Stations over the years. One time we even begged for her to be placed in a protection programme and was told by the police that it could not have been done just like that. Anita was willing too go too because she was fearful for her life.”

Rollins added that last Thursday the suspect came out of prison after serving about three months and even called her from within the prison walls and threatened her.

“My wife was forced to call the Prisons Service and tell the officer in charge of the calls that Anita was getting from the suspect and still nothing was done.

“She loved her children and was a dedicated and hard-working mother. She leaves all her children now from three years to nine years old. So sad.”

The suspect, who attempted to run away, was chased by onlookers, held and beaten. He was then handed over to officers of the San Juan Police Station.
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