British paper: Trini a land of fete and traffic

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Even positive international news reports on Trinidad and Tobago are including comments on the ugly side of our society.

A feature story in Britain’s mass-selling The Guardian newspaper this week reported on T&T’s culture and exciting way of life – but also focuses on the country’s dark side.

The article tells of “corruption and crime rampant” and that “everyone is discussing the state and future of the country.’

The highly-read newspaper noted “chronic traffic woes” and “the phasing out of the country’s very generous fuel subsidies.”

A commentator at the end of the article advised: “Don’t try and drive to PoS between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Gridlock. Same between five and seven at night.”

The comment went on: “Downtown needs a hell of a lot of work doing to it; sadly neglected and the historic buildings are an endangered species.”

The news article said that what the country does better than anyone else is fete – “an all-inclusive impulse to honour every conceivable occasion for a lime.”
The story further observed: “Every day of the week, city residents and commuters (delaying their trips home) spill out of bars, lounges and eateries…”

Also: “With 14 national holidays and two unofficial national holidays (Carnival Monday and Tuesday), few cities could claim to fete better.”

Other articles in the Guardian’s coverage feature the “rustic resort” of Tobago and the eco-tourism and “architectural gems” of both islands.

The focus on this country comes amid international news reports on Opposition MP Dr. Roodal Moonilal’s revelation about 400 locals involved in ISIS terrorism.

Moonilal’s disclosure, made in the House of Representatives last Friday, has been reported by several international news agencies.

In addition, the British and Japanese media are continuing to take interest in the murders of their nationals in this country.

Analytics of TTWhistleblower reveal significant readership among residents in both countries.

This online publication has provided updates on the murders of English cricketer Adrian St. John, 22, and Japanese artiste Asami Nagakiya.

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