British High Commission responds …”SO DILLIAN LIED TO LAWYER”

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So Dillian Johnson lied to his lawyer when he said he was granted political asylum in the United Kingdom!

A red flag was raised when Johnson’s lawyer, Thalia Francis-Brooks, at a news conference on Thursday, said her client had been granted political asylum in the UK. A bigger flag was hoisted when Francis-Brooks couldn’t supply any documents to show that asylum as really granted.

Normally, an application for political asylum takes at least six months to be approved. That is after an investigation is conducted into the request. According to sources, that investigation has not been done as yet.

According to sources, Johnson informed his lawyer that he was granted asylum. A big fat lie! His lawyer ran with the information as if it was true. Will there be consequences for this lawyer?

What makes it worse is that the Britsh High Commission in Port-of-Spain, stated, “The British High Commission in Port-of-Spain has seen claims made by attorney Thalia Francis-Brooks on 11 January 2018. It is unclear where this attorney is obtaining her information, but it is obviously not from the UK authorities.”

On Thursday, Francis-Brooks, who is representing the interests of Johnson claimed his client had been granted political asylum in the United Kingdom. She said she could not breach her client’s confidentiality but noted that his asylum request had been approved and he was now in a protected environment.

Francis-Brooks did not provide any evidence to show that Johnson has been granted asylum.

Johnson has been making several allegations against Chief Justice Ivor Archie including assisting several people to obtain homes from the Housing Development Corporation and discussing a proposal to change the security arrangements of judges.

Archie has admitted to assisting persons by writing to the HDC but denied claims of discussing the issue of judges security with anyone outside of the Judiciary.

Johnson had reported an attempt on his life and was shot in the arm in December. He claimed the police were not taking his report seriously.
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