Bridgemans spokesman tells JSC …”WE HAVE BEEN DRAGGED THROUGH MUD”

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Andrew Purdey, vice-president of Bridgemans Services Limited, said his company had been dragged through the mud in this entire bacchanal surrounding the Ocean Flower 2 vessel.

On Tuesday, Purdey appeared before the Joint Select Committee (JSC) probing the inter- island ferry service.

Replying to queries from Opposition Senator Wade Mark, Purdey said Bridgemans had its operations at Melville Street, Vancouver, and its corporate offices were at their legal firm Norton Rose Fullbright. He named Bridgemans owners as himself, Brian Grange, Larry Thompson, Peter Patel and Paul Chung.

Mark asked if Bridgemans was registered for tax, VAT, NIS and health surcharge.

Purdey said Bridgemans was registered at the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) and he thought it was registered for VAT, but couldn’t say about the two latter.

Purdey’s associate, Lester Kenny, of Ken’s Shipping and Marine Services pointed out that Bridgeman’s had been in Trinidad for just a short period, but they were trying to set up Bridgemans Trinidad.

Purdey told Mark he would ensure Bridgemans was registered to get a BIR tax clearance certificate.

He said Bridgemans was registered in 2013 and now owns four vessels, including the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower 2.

Purdey said Bridgemans had six staff at its Vancouver office and 100 operationally across the group’s profile.

Purdey stated that the media had given the issue destructive coverage, driven by some agenda. He said, “We’ve been dragged through the mud.” Kenny added, “We’ve been brutalised by our media.”

Purdey said he hoped to work with the Port Authority to get a cooperative outcome to the fate of the Ocean Flower 2. 

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