Boyfriend surrenders to the police …”WOMAN, 20, STRANGLED”

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Yet another woman has been killed as a result of a domestic dispute.

Christine Chunsingh, 20, was strangled by her boyfriend during a heated argument.

According to reports, the suspect from KP Lands, Valencia, and  Chunsingh were at a house at Hillview Road, Bye-Pass, Arima, when the incident happened around 12.30 pm on Tuesday.

There was a heated argument where the man accused Chunsingh of being unfaithful. It was during this argument that the man strangled the woman. When he realized that Chunsingh was not breathing, the suspect ran out of the house and fled the scene.

The suspect then went to his aunt’s home where he cried and confessed to killing his girlfriend. His aunt convinced him to report the matter to the police. The suspect surrendered to the Arima Police Station at around 2 pm.

As a result, the police went to the house at Arima where they found the woman’s body. She was dead.

The body was eventually moved to the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park, where an autopsy will be performed on Wednesday.

The suspect remains in police custody. Investigators said the suspect confessed to the crime and said he was sorry for what had happened.

Chunsingh became the ninth woman to be killed as a result of domestic violence in 2018.

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Inline image
Christine Chunsingh

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