Boy, 17, shot dead in Couva

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A 17-year-old boy was shot dead in Couva on Saturday.
Police confimed that Elijah Lewis, of Gran Couva, was visiting a friend at Perseverance Village.

Investigators are trying to determine whether Lewis was shot by one of his friends while playing with the weapon at around 6.30pm.
Joel Pierre, a resident, said Lewis arrived in the village on Friday evening.

“He came to visit my brother. They go to the same trade school. My brother was trying to organise a part time job for Elijah in the sea. My mother had prayers yesterday so Elijah said he would stay one time and attend the prayers,” he said.

Pierre said his 17-year-old brother, Kenan Squires, was at participating in the prayer service when Lewis left for a walk.
“I saw him walking out the road with two boys and a girl. Then a few minutes later I see them coming back in the street. When I run outside I see Elijah lying on the road,” he said.

Pierre said the teen was shot once in the head.

Police said the weapon was not recovered and two teenagers, a male and female, were being interviewed by officers.

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