Bloodiest month of all time …”HOW WILL JANUARY END?”

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How will January end?

It is being dubbed the bloodiest month of all time. With one day to go, 63 murders were recorded for January.

The latest victim was Ricky Harripersad, 42, who was stabbed in the neck and lower abdomen and later died while undergoing emergency surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital on Tuesday morning.

Police said the incident happened at about 10.30 pm on Monday at Santa Cecilia Trace, San Francique.

Police said Harripersad had only minutes before returned from a wake in the village and was approached by his relative, 30, who began arguing with him. The relative walked into the kitchen and returned with a knife. Harrypersad was standing in the yard.

Harripersad’s Ramnarine, 69, was in a state of shock. The father of eight said he was in his bedroom when he heard his son and the relative arguing.

Ramnarine added, “He is always arguing and cursing. For years he has been threatening to kill me and Harripersad. He was just an angry man who took out his frustration on us. We have always been living in fear of him. It is really a frightening situation what we have been going through.”

Ramnarine said for years he has tried to get the relative to leave, but he was reluctant. “Last night I heard him arguing. Then when I went outside to see what was happening, he threw a beer bottle at the television screen in the living room. He told me if I came near to him he would kill me.” Ramnarine said with those words he returned to his bedroom.

“From inside my bedroom I could hear him arguing with Harripersad. He was cussing him and shouting. I then heard my son scream out in pain. I knew something was wrong.”

He said he rushed out of the bedroom into the yard.

“I could not believe it. My son was on the ground covered in blood and the suspect was holding the bloody knife. I looked at him and said, ‘What have you done?’” Ramnarine said the man would consume alcohol frequently and lash out at family members.

“Because he was family, we always believed he would change one day. He is family, but he took a life and must stand the consequences of his action.”

The suspect, police said, went into hiding for six hours before surrendering.

On Monday, at about 6.45 pm, Ricardo Prescott, 20, was shot dead at his home in Trou Macaque, Laventille.

Police said Prescott lived near the area where schoolboy Joshua Andrews and PH taxi driver Devon Fernandez were shot and their bodies burnt in a vehicle in Laventille on January 10.

On Sunday, around 8.15 pm, Miguel Cruickshank, 30, was shot while at Furness Witty Road, Upper Erica Street. He died at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital while undergoing treatment.

Also, at 10.30 pm Keston Mayers was shot dead at Never Dirty in Morvant.
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Ricky Harripersad
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Ricardo Prescott

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