Big breakthrough at Piarco Airport …”5 ARRESTED WITH $34M COKE”

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Five men were arrested at Piarco International Airport on Sunday as they were about to load $34 million worth of cocaine onto a Caribbean Airlines flight for New York.

The cocaine, weighing almost 200 pounds, had just arrived through the back door from Venezuela. The cocaine was handed to a Trinidadian man in Cedros who arranged for the drugs to be placed on the CAL flight.

Everything was in place – the baggage handlers and airport security personnel. What they did not bargain for were the presence of members of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU).

According to reports, officers have been paying close attention to certain employers and security guards at the airport. On Sunday, these persons were seen anxiously preparing two packages to be taken onto the aircraft.

The police officers felt something was amiss so they decided to check out the loading process. They found that one of the employees looked nervous and confronted him.

That paid off as a passenger and four airport staff were arrested with the cocaine.

The drugs were valued at an estimated $34.7 million. The traffickers attempted to load the drugs onto Caribbean Airlines flight BW520 to the JFK International Airport, New York.

Those charged were, Marlon Thomas, 45, of San Juan; Krystel Birot, 24, opf Trincity, Maurice Hinds, 27, of Arouca; Kyle Jones, 23, of Sangre Grande; and K’Dere Gomez, 27, of Caparo. They were expected to appear before an Arima Magistrate on Monday.

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