Bandits hiding out …CRACKDOWN AT HOTEL

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The criminals have always been known to be innovative in how they operate on the innocent people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Take for instance, David Allen, 31, dressed on a woman, robbing a Woodbrook restaurant and casino last Monday, only to be killed by a vacationing policeman leaving the establishment.

Others are dressing like the police in fully tactical gear to rob people, especially the Chinese community who do not bank their money.

Now comes another story that bandits are holed up in a guest house, robbing people and returning to their den.

Seven people, believed to be members of a gang responsible for a series of daring armed robberies in east Trinidad, were detained by police while hiding out at a guest house in St Helena on Thursday evening.

Police initially believed that four armed men held along the Priority Bus Route in Mt Hope on Wednesday were the KFC robbery suspects. However, these men were cleared following identification parades. As such, the police now believe the fresh batch of suspects detained at the hotel are the men who robbed KFC’s El Dorado, Tunapuna outlet early Monday morning and made a clean getaway.

According to reports, police decided to raid the guest house after receiving a tip off that it was being used by a group of criminals as a hideout.

A large contingent of officers from the Northern Division went to the guest house, surrounded it and then conducted raids on the rooms which were being occupied by the suspects – four men and three women ranging in age from 17 to 30.

While no firearms or stolen items were found in their possession at the guest house, police still held the group for questioning. They remained detained at the Arouca Police Station..

The robbery at KFC took place around 12.05 am on Monday, after a group of men entered the outlet along the Eastern Main Road. While one of the men ordered a meal and was being served, one of his accomplices drew a firearm and demanded that staff hand over the proceeds for the day, $12,000.

The men then walked around the outlet and robbed shocked customers of their cash and valuables. The bandits then left and escaped in a getaway vehicle which was parked on a nearby street.

The unmasked bandits were captured by several CCTV cameras at the outlet and images of the suspects were broadcast on social media websites.

In one of the photographs, the suspect who posed as a customer is seen eating from a box at the counter while his accomplices robbed customers.

The initial suspects who were detained in a stolen Nissan AD wagon on Wednesday were held with a loaded pistol and revolver. As they were not identified as the KFC robbers, they were charged for possession of illegal firearms and the stolen car.

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