Australia in the wrong lane …”TT IN 4X400 FINAL”

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It was another lucky day for Trinidad and Tobago at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

After the luck with Jareem Richards getting the gold in the 200 metre event on Thursday, now the 4×400 metre relay team was dealt a hand of luck on Friday morning.

Machel Cedenio was caught off-guard when Australia’s Steve Solomon stood in the wrong lane, waiting for the baton to run the final leg of the men’s 4×400 metre heats.

Replays showed that Cedenio, in Lane Four, knew something was wrong. As they both waited for the baton, he gave Solomon a nudge.
Solomon stood his ground, took the baton and accelerated towards the finish line, taking the home country to the finals carded for Saturday. Or so he assumed.

That victory was short-lived. Australia was disqualified and Trinidad and Tobago made it into the finals, with a chance of gold again with Jareem Richards more than likely to join the lineup.

Australia was disqualified under rule 17-0-20 for exchanging positions before the takeover and did not survive the appeal.

The rule states each runner lines up in order of where their teammate is at the 200 metre mark.

Australia’s third runner, Joshua Ralph, was behind his Trinidad and Tobago opponent on the turn but passed him in the home straight which caused Solomon to move ahead in the changeover line.

Cedenio was seen holding his arms in the air to ask “what is he doing” when Solomon stood in lane four instead of lane five.

Under IAAF rules, Solomon should have been in lane four not five and so they were disqualified for failing to line up in the designated and appropriate position.

Australian newspapers say there could have been some confusion in Solomon’s mind because, in the US college system, athletes stand in the lane position according to where the team is when the leader enters the home straight.

Solomon has spent his career running for Stanford and Duke University.
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