Attempted kidnapping of Embassy employee …WAS IT A REAL ABDUCTION?

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Police remain tight-lipped  over the reported kidnapping of Chinese Embassy employee,  Zhang ­Sijiu.

According to investigators, there are many unanswered questions related to this incident, which allegedly occurred on Thursday.

Two instances stand out which are baffling the police:

1) Zhang, 57, was snatched by one man on Hayes Street, St Clair, and bungled into a car.

2) When Zhang was rescued by police on Damien Street, Woodbrook, he was lying on the floor of a vehicle – his hands and feet were not tied and he was not bound. Only the driver of the vehicle was in the car with Zhang and he was reportedly going to pick up a $20,000 ransom. Why was the kidnapped victim left untied in the back seat area.

The lone suspect, according to investigators, was wanted for the abduction of another Chinese man last Saturday.

According to information received, the Honda City which the suspect was arrested in on Thursday, was taken from another Chinese man.

The suspect’s first kidnap victim, a Chinese bank employee, was grabbed in the Woodbrook area and driven around by two men who demanded he withdraw cash from his account and give it to them.

However, that man managed to escape and ran into a business where he was assisted. The abductors then fled with the man’s car. He never made an official police report, as he was afraid because the abductors had all his personal information, including his address.

On Thursday, police said the suspect spotted Zhang, an employee with the Chinese Embassy, walking along Hayes Street en route to the embassy on Elizabeth Street around 5.50 am. The suspect pulled alongside Zhang and bundled him into the back seat of the white Honda City and whisked him away.

The incident was reported around 7.30 am and just after 10 am, the suspect was arrested along Damien Street.

A ransom of $20,000 was demanded but never paid. Police said the suspect was held with a pistol.

Zhang was unharmed and neither his hands nor legs were bound. However, an eyewitness to the rescue said he was lying down on the floor behind the driver when the police intercepted the vehicle.

Within the last two months, four Chinese nationals were killed.

*****On June 15, couple Shirui Zhao, 32 and Yanli Gu, 29, were killed as they arrived at their apartment upstairs the Kosume Bar, at the corner of John Street and New Haven Avenue, Marabella.

****Ying Loung Ma, who was shot during a robbery in May, also died at the Arima Health Facility one month later.

****And on June 28, Yana Zeng, 33, was killed after she resisted when two men tried to rob her mini-mart at Santa Cruz Village

Zhang’s kidnapping also came on the heels of that of Gregory Laing, 54, who owns Puff N Stuff Bakery along Circular Road, Vistabella.

Laing was kidnapped on June 28 and after a ransom of $270,000 was paid he was released. Two men are currently before the court in relation to that kidnapping.

Phillip was asked if the same attention given to Zhang was given to Laing’s case.
Zhang ­Sijiu.

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