Attack on woman in Woodbrook …”BANDIT SURRENDERS”

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One bandit has surrendered to the police and his accomplice is being sought!

The suspect from Laventille, 18, was captured on surveillance camera pushing down a woman and beating her during a robbery in front of her two-year-old son in Woodbrook last week.

On Monday, accompanied by his attorney, Adrian Thompson, the suspect surrendered to the Port of Spain CID.

The suspect was allowed to speak with his attorney before he was placed a cell.

The suspect went into hiding after the video of the robbery went viral last Wednesday, hours after the robbery, and he was recognized by his friends, who alerted him to the video on Facebook.

However, the video of the robbery was enhanced by the police Cyber Crime Unit and the man was easily recognizable to the Port of Spain CID as a person of interest.

The police searched for him between Friday and Sunday, and relatives were told to inform the suspect he was being sought for questioning and should surrender.

The suspect’s attorney contacted police on Monday saying the suspect would make himself available.

Police are yet to get back the gold chain which was stolen from the victim, Elena Rivers. Last Wednesday, at 3.30 pm, Rivers was walking on Gallus Street, Woodbrook with her two-year-old son, when, on reaching the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church, a man cuffed her in the face, pushed her to the ground and began pulling at her handbag.

He took a cellphone from her handbag valued $4,000, but Rivers fought back and retrieved the phone from the man’s pants pocket. The infuriated bandit continued to wrestle with Rivers while her son looked on. A second man, believed to the suspect’s accomplice, pretended her was assisting Rivers, but in reality, he ensured the suspect made a clean getaway.

Police are looking for that person also.

Rivers later sought medical treatment at the Woodbrook Health Centre and then reported the matter to Woodbrook police.

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