Attack on Father Harvey … 4 SUSPECTS IN CUSTODY

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Four men have been arrested in connection with the robbery and assault on Roman Catholic priest, Fr Clyde Harvey, last Monday.

The four were held by officers of the Port of Spain Division.

The officers, acting on information received, made their way to a house in the East Dry River community, where they detained the first suspect on Thursday afternoon.

The suspect was questioned and further information was obtained which led the officers to three other addresses.
Two of the men live in Laventille, while the third lives in Gonzales.

The homes of all four men were searched and the officers found and recovered some of the items reported stolen from Harvey, including a watch.

They were all taken to a police station in Port of Spain where they were further questioned.

The four suspects are expected to be placed on identification parades on Saturday.

Investigators are hopeful to lay at least three charges against the suspects, including armed robbery, breaking and entering, as well as unlawful detention.

One of the suspects confessed to the crime, telling investigators they had visited the church in Belmont thinking that the money collected from the collection offerings on Sunday would still be on the premises. However, the money had already been moved and this led to the robbers ransacking the church as they searched for the cash.

Police said around 5 a.m. on Monday, Harvey was outside St Martin de Porres Church in Gonzales when he was accosted by two men armed with guns.

The men ordered the priest into the presbytery before they tied him up and ransacked the place as they searched for items to steal.

The assailants had a short exchange with the priest and even threatened his life. They took $1,000, a mobile phone and other items from the church. During the invasion, they called a third man who considered the possibility of holding Harvey for a $50,000 ransom. The three men were all hooded and Harvey could not identify them.

Harvey managed to escape and made his way to a parishioner’s home where he contacted Archbishop Joseph Harris and the Police Service. Because of Harvey’s comments that he did not feel the men were guilty of any crime, police are concerned how they will proceed with their case if Harvey does not cooperate.

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