Attack on Chinese businessman …ROBBERY COPS REMAIN IN JAIL

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Two policemen charged with a $400,000 robbery, cannot access bail and remain at the State Prison.

SRP PC Sean Joseph and PC Noel Williams reappeared in court on Thursday and informed the court that although bail was granted, they cannot access it.

Both were charged with armed robbery with violence, and possession of ammunition.

Joseph, 36, who had three years’ service as a police officer, was granted $250,000 bail at his second appearance before Deputy Chief Magistrate Nanette Forde-John. The first time the matter was called he was denied bail.

On Thursday, Joseph was escorted into the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court by police officers. Defence attorney Sade Lee Duprey told the court that her client had been unable to secure his bail. She requested a cash alternative.

Forde-John granted Joseph $75,000 cash alternative bail. The $250,000 bail he was granted last November with the conditions that he has no physical, mobile, social media or third party contact and stay 500 metres away from the Claxton Bay location of the alleged incident, still applies.

The other accused, PC Noel Williams, 32, also appeared before Forde-John, facing the same robbery with violence charges as Joseph.

Williams, who had no lawyer in court on Thursday, has also not been able to make bail and remains in prison.

Joseph who was last attached to the San Juan police station, was charged that armed with a firearm he robbed Wei Hui of $406,000 and an IPhone valued $7,000. It was also alleged that he stole a $20,000 air rifle from Zhu and used personal violence toward him.

He is also charged that armed with a firearm he robbed Jin Fu Zhu of a $6,000 IPhone and used personal violence toward him. These acts allegedly occurred at Johnson Avenue, Claxton Bay on November 11.

It was also alleged that Joseph, at the San Juan sub-station on November 11, he was in possession of 22 rounds of ammunition not being the holder of a firearm users licence or exempted from holding such licence. This matter is to be heard before the Port of Spain magistrate court.

When he first appeared in court, Williams was granted $250,000 bail with the conditions that he surrender his passport, have no contact with the alleged victim, and report to the San Juan police Station three times weekly. He remains in prison.

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