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Ashton Ford’s commentary in the September 26th issue of the Guardian “UNC: Pro-country or anti-PNM?” fails the fact-checking process that as a former journalist, he should be inspired to write that what is unbiased, factual and accurate.

Ford pontificates about the opposition’s failure to support FATCA but fails to mention the Finance Minister had assured the UNC the matter would have been referred to a JSL for closer scrutiny.

The UNC objected to granting ministerial access to citizens’ private, confidential financial information to the Finance Minister to have the power to look into the accounts of citizens and in this regards insists that the BIR, not Colm Imbert, be the competent authority to access the information.

The PNM unilaterally shut down the debate while MP Bhoe Tiwari was seated waiting to make his contribution. Clearly, they had no intention to pass the legislation which explains the combative negative position they adopted throughout the debate for a piece of legislation they wanted the Opposition to support.

But this is the PNM’s way of dealing with the nation’s business.

Does Ford recall how the PNM literally rammed through the SSA Amendment Bill in both Houses of Parliament?

But is Rowley/Ford’s PNM, suddenly realising it is impotent to govern without the Opposition’s support; a support the PNM refused to give the UNC/PPG when it was in government.

Does Ford recall PNM’s MP Shamfa Cudjoe who arrogantly told the Opposition last October, “We are in charge of this House and you are going to have to deal with it.”

The UNC and Trinidad and Tobago are dealing with the PNM being in charge; the irony is the Rowley-led PNM seems impotent to handle the responsibilities of providing good governance to T&T.

Ford is being disingenuous when he writes “…the PNM as a responsible opposition in the period 2010 to 2015… the PNM in opposition took a leading role in committees in crafting amendments and strengthening legislation by collaborating with the then government for the greater national good.”

Does Ford believe people will receive his diatribe and false information he is peddling because it perhaps is easier to believe a false statement than accept the truth?

But this has been the PNM’s way of disseminating information.

Ford needs to be reminded that in September 2012, Keith Rowley publicly declared “We will not co-operate with the Government on any matter. We will isolate them as long as they remain in office. They do not deserve to be in office, they have betrayed the trust of the people of T&T and they must leave office.

Not only did Rowley refuse to cooperate with the PPG, he attempted to bring down the Gov’t with a string of bogus emails by enthusiastically assassinating the characters of the Prime Minister, AG and Cabinet Ministers by alleging a conspiracy by them to commit murder.

I posit the UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM.

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… for the PNM’s AG terminating legal proceeding against Malcolm Jones.

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… to ensure the PNM never repeats another Las Alturas Construction Project.

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… for the over 10,000 jobs lost in one year; the 33% increased price of fuel; the re-introduction of VAT on zero-rated goods; the $3Million spent on paintings, $90Million on Tarouba Stadium Repairs and $20Million on NAPA.

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… for the PNM’s refusal to open the Children’s Hospital in Couva; for stopping the construction of the Highway to Point Fortin; for refusing to open the new Licensing Office in Caroni; for stopping the laptop programme and cutting GATE; for bringing the health care system to crisis and disaster levels with no money for prescription drugs; outages have returned and pipe-borne water is a memory.

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… for under this Rowley-led Administration, crime is spiralling out of control and the National Security Minister admits that kidnapping has returned!

The UNC has to be pro-country and anti-PNM… T&T has gone from having unprecedented FDI increases to a struggling, underperforming country characterised by non-existent economic management policy, social issues, crime-fighting and health care services and delivery.

Ford’s glaring willingness to condone propaganda, innuendos, lies and half-truths in furthering his party’s tenure and unsuitability for office has no grounding in reality.

The real question is whether the PNM is anti-UNC or anti-Trinidad and Tobago? I submit the answer is both.

Ashton Ford

Ashton Ford

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