Arrested in 2015 for murder of Seetahal …”DANA’S SUSPECT SHOT DEAD”

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One of the suspects arrested in connection with the murder of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal on May 4, 2014, has been shot dead.

Keston Seales, alias Fly, 35, was shot nine times at his home at Carapo, Arima, on Sunday morning.

Police said that around 5 a.m, Seales was at his home when gunmen broke down his front door, found him and opened fire. Seales was shot in his chest and abdomen. The gunmen then left in a waiting car.

Seales died on the spot. The body was eventually removed to the Forensic Sciences Center for an autopsy on Monday.

Seetahal, 59, was shot dead on Hamilton Holder Street, Woodbrook, just after midnight on May 4, 2014.

Seales was among a number of persons arrested in 2015 for Seetahal’s murder. But he was considered lucky as his attorney, Criston J Williams, issued a pre-action protocol letter to acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams in which he threatened to file writs of habeas corpus if police could not justify the continued detention of Seales and others without being charged.

Two of them, Keston Seales and Deon Peters, were released by police on in July 2015, along with Jamaat al Muslimeen leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, and Hassan Al.

Seales was never rearrested.

The 11 who were charged with Seetahal’s murder were; Rajaee Ali, 29; Ishmael Ali, 30; and Stephen Cummings 33, all of Carapo, Arima; Garrett Wiseman of Lange Park, Chaguanas; Leston Gonzales, 25;

Devon Wiseman, 29; and Hamid Ali, 24, all of Malabar, Arima; Ricardo Stewart, 30, of Arima; Earl Wolfe Richards, 48; and Kevin Parkinson, 28, of Waterhole, Cocorite; and Rougier Boucher.

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