Archbishop speaks out …”MURDER RATE TROUBLING”

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Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon has described the spiraling murder rate as troubling and painful.

He called on the Police Service and the Judiciary to move expeditiously in bringing the killers of innocent people to justice. The murder toll for the year stands at 228.

Gordon expressed cocnern with the increase in murders. “It is sad, that it is really, we are part of this problem because we have lost the sense of respecting each other. Life has become so fragile, but also so cheap, that we do not see the dignity in each human being.

“We have to start over in this whole society helping people to understand that each human person has dignity.”

He admitted that he had to offer a silent prayer during the Corpus Christi procession for those who traverse, work and live in the capital city.

There has been no end to gang violence, shootings and killings in and on the outskirts of Port-of-Spain.

Gordon added, “To see the level of carnage on our streets. To see the way that murders have become now, the easiest option,  when there is a dispute, to see that this lack of life and respect for life, reach to this stage, this is painful. This is simply painful.

“This is not the best of who we are. We are sinking into a low. Yes, I know is a handful of people who are doing the foolishness but we’re still better than this.”

He said the real challenge was apprehending the killers who continue to roam our streets without being caught.

He added, “We are not catching the killers. We are not bringing them to justice. We are not getting them to the place where. If a killer knew that if you did a crime you will be caught, you will be put in jail, you will be tried and convicted, then I think we will see the murder rate drop again.”

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