Another surgery for Maxie Cuffie …”WE THOUGHT HE WAS BETTER”

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How come Maxie Cuffie needs another surgery?

We thought he was getting better and ready to return home!

Stuart Young has been up and down the country saying he spoke to Maxie and the Minister of Public Administration and Communications was ready to return home and to his job.

Now, we are hearing that Maxie, who is recovering in the United States from a second stroke, needs another surgical operation.

However, Young is now saying that Maxie may have to pay for this surgery for himself. This has incensed Maxie’s family.

Young added, “I have been in contact directly with Minister Cuffie’s wife and he does require additional surgery. There is some surgery that needs to be performed that is the normal part of what is required.”

Young said the Government had set a ceiling on the sum of money it was prepared to pay for treatment, but was not sure where the costs so far have reached relative to this ceiling.

“A request has been made,” he confirmed.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said that the Government has so far spent $2.5 million on Cuffie’s treatment, including hospitalization costs locally and overseas, and the cost of an air ambulance.

Cuffie fell ill on September 5, and was airlifted to Washington DC in November.

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