Another police killing …”TEETHS” EXECUTED?

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Was Keshan “Teeths” Ramsumair executed by the police?

Was “Teeths” mistakenly taken by the police to be a wanted man?

Relatives of the dead man claim he was running away from police officers when he was shot at Upper 7th Avenue, Malick, last Friday.

Eyewitnesses claimed that as “Teeths”, 22, fell to the ground he lifted his hands and begged the officers not to shoot him. However, it is alleged one of the police officers stood over him and fired several more shots, blowing out his fingers from both hands.

“Teeths’s” grieving mother and sister have called for a full investigation into his death by the Police Complaints Authority(PCA).

Ramsumair’s sister-in-law, Christina David, who spoke on behalf of his mother and sister, said they believe police killed the wrong man.

David added, “I believe that the police was really looking for (name called).”

The person she spoke of is a close relative to Ramsumair.

David said Ramsumair, who she admitted sold marijuana, was spotted with another man in the area by the police.

She added, “When they saw the police they started to run because “Teeths” had a little weed on him and when they start to run police shoot, but like it had other police hiding in the bushes so when “Teeths” fall one of the police officers stood over him and shot him several times again. All his fingers shoot off.”

Ramsumair’s mother added, “I want justice for my son.”

According to a police report, North Eastern Division Task Force officers claimed they were involved in a shoot-out with Ramsumair after he opened fire on them as they were approaching him. The police report also stated that a firearm was recovered on the scene.

But relatives denied he had any weapon.

David said, “He used to smoke he weed and was an alcoholic but gun he never had. There is even footage that captured everything.”

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Keshan “Teeths” Ramsumair

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