Another member resigns …TURMOIL IN PAN TRINBAGO

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With Panorama judging due to kick off shortly, there is more turmoil within the organizing body, Pan Trinbago.

Another member of the Pan Trinbago executive, resigned saying there was a lack of transparency in the leadership of the organization.


Assistant Secretary, Cindy Rosemin, tendered her resignation letter to the acting president of Pan Trinbago Richard Forteau on Saturday. Byron Serrette resigned as vice-president of the organization last November, citing questionable financial transactions and a large and growing debt within the organization.


Pan players, led by Trinidad All Stars member, Dane Gulston have been protesting and demanding that Keith Diaz, president, and the entire executive resign immediately because of a lack of transparency in the management of the affairs of Pan Trinbago.


They are claiming that Diaz and his executive have been treating them with disrespect. The players are also upset over the non-payment of the $1,000 remittance owed to each of them for participating in the 2016 Panorama competition.


Culture Minister Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said last Friday the money was disbursed to the organization to pay the players but up to last week they had not been paid. Pan players say they received cheques last week but these cheques bounced when presented to banks.


Gadsby-Dolly said that she had to act to “protect the taxpayers’ purse and the interest of pan players, in light of the allegations of financial impropriety involving the steel band organization.” As a result funding will go through the National Carnival Commission and not directly with Pan Trinbago.


Diaz was admitted to hospital on Friday and underwent successful angioplasty surgery to unclog blocked arteries in his heart.

Rosemin also expressed frustration over the state of affairs in Pan Trinbago.

In her letter , dated January 7, Rosemin said during her tenure she requested on more than one occasion some transparency with the financial accounts of the organization, specifically all accounts, balances and updates. She said the requests were never met.


Rosemin said she also expressed concerns about the manner in which funds were being used, adding that it was being done in a callous way.


Pan Trinbago is owing roughly $31 million to suppliers and others, according to president of the National Carnival Commission, Kenny De Silva.


Rosemin said Pan Trinbago was a non-profit organization and should be run as such.


She added, “The lavish spending and financial inconsistencies have far exceeded any acceptable level,” adding that this situation was “a bit difficult to digest.”


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