Another Judge comes out batting …”ARCHIE MUST GO!”

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Well, another judge has come out batting for Chief Justice Ivor Archie to resign and go his merry way.

Justice Frank Seepersad has joined his colleague, Carol Gobin, in calling on Archie to resign. It is now clear, and we stated this months ago, there is split among the judges.

Seepersad criticized Archie’s move on Wednesday to go on a sabbatical.

He added, “The Chief Justice’s unilateral grant of sabbatical leave unto himself, at taxpayers’ expense, amounts to an egregious abuse of office.”

He also strongly criticized Archie for claiming the sabbatical was needed for him to rest, reflect and participate in a fellowship at the United States Federal Judicial Centre in Washington, DC.

Seepersad said, “I have great difficulty in accepting that a sabbatical should serve as a period for rest and reflection. It is objectionable that any judge should describe the privilege and honour associated with judicial service as ‘onerous’.

“I am certain that the additional responsibilities associated with the Office of the Chief Justice are significant, but if the office holder can no longer effectively discharge same, then it is time to graciously exit the position.”

While he acknowledged the sabbatical issue and other allegations raised against Archie were unproven, he questioned Archie’s responses to them.

He said, “To date the Chief Justice’s responses to the serious allegations levied against him have been at best superficial and my concerns have not been eviscerated.”

Seepersad said the entire situation was continuously diminishing public trust and confidence in the judiciary and by extension the administration of justice.

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