Amputee arrested for murder …”HE WENT TO KILL THE BOSS”

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An amputee armed with a gun went to kill a businessman, but missed and instead shot a worker.

The one-legged man became enraged because he had to wait too long to collect $100 he had asked the boss and employees of the business place for.

Shammie Phillip, 35, a mechanic, was at his Ramdass Street, Sangre Grande work place around 10.30 am on Friday when he was shot in the head at point blank range by the man, who lives next door.

According to reports, the suspect usually went to Phillip’s work place every Friday to ask the owner of the business, a garbage collection contractor and his employees for assistance because one of his legs was amputated a few months ago.

The amputee went to the gate and asked for $100, but was asked to wait until employees were paid. He stood opposite the business for a while before he left.

However, he returned to the compound later, said good morning to the boss. He then fired at the boss, but missed. Phillip was shot instead. Phillip died instantly.

An employee who saw when Phillip was shot called for assistance and other workers ran outside where they saw their co-worker on the ground.

The suspect went home and sat down. Police who responded were able to arrest him without any resistance.

He told police he killed Phillip because he was frustrated and distressed over his inability to take care of himself since his amputation.

Phillip’s girlfriend, Marisha, sat near her boyfriend holding on to the iron gate and screaming. She sat on the ground until police removed her. Phillip’s sisters and nephew were also comforted by police officers.

When Phillip was not at the garage, he would ply his car for hire from Sangre Grande to Vega de Oropouche. District Medical Officer, Dr Elijah Fagorala, viewed the body and ordered its removal to the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park, for an autopsy on Monday.

The suspect, 34, will be charged sometime next week. Phillip’s murder brought the toll for the year to 353.

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