Although murders increasing… Rowley: “Dillon’s job safe”

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Although murders are increasing to an unacceptable level, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says that Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon’s job is safe in the Cabinet.

Rowley said the last Government’s way of dealing with crime was to change National Security Ministers.
Speaking at a local government election campaign meeting in San Juan on Tuesday night, Rowley challenged the Opposition to now say what they would do against crime.

“What is it you would have done to prevent persons killing other persons,” he asked. “You just fool the public by saying it is a matter for the Minister of National Security and you keep changing ministers of national security.”

Vowing to fight crime everywhere including on the streets and in the home, Rowley said, “We are fighting blue, red and white-collar crime!” Rowley accused the Opposition of glee over the country’s high homicide rate asking aloud, “What is your target? Is it 600? 650? You will only have a good Christmas then?”


With the murder toll now crossing 400 and climbing, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar slammed the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM), saying while the PNM was in Opposition its members crowed that they had all of the solutions to tackle crime but now in Government, the country is at the mercy of the criminal element.
“When they were in Opposition, they would hold press conferences saying they could solve all the problems in the country including crime. Now they are in power they cannot solve the crime,” Persad-Bissessar said, adding that murders have left ordinary citizens in fear for their lives.

Addressing a local government election campaign meeting on Tuesday night in Freeport, she said that the amount of persons murdered far exceeded the amount of days gone in this year. She claimed that statistics presented to her showed that 438 persons were murdered so far in 2016. She said that citizens could express their disapproval of the government’s performance by voting against the PNM in the upcoming local government election.



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