Allegations against Security Minister …”DILLON MUST GO!”

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The Opposition United National Congress (UNC) wants Prime Minister Keith Rowley must take action on allegations against Minister of National Security,  Edmund Dillon.

In a news release on Friday, the UNC says it is disturbed by allegations of fraud and misconduct leveled against yet another member of the Keith Rowley administration.

The reports in the media which alleged that the Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon, was brought before the US Supreme Court in a civil matter involving allegations of “elder financial abuse, exploitation and fraud” are alarming, and we call on the Prime Minister to take action.

“Minister Dillon’s response today is not good enough, the matter must be thoroughly investigated, and decisive action taken,” said UNC Deputy Political Leader and Opposition Chief Whip David Lee.

“These are serious allegations leveled against a Member of Parliament and one of this Government’s three Ministers of National Security.”

“Dr. Rowley said on a PNM platform in Diego Martin on Thursday 22nd March, 2018, that ‘one of the most important assignments of the leadership of your country is with the appointments we make’, yet he has shown time and time again that he is clearly unfit for office, if held to his own standards,” Dr. Lee said. “Rowley has made a number of questionable appointments in just two and a half years in office.”

“The portfolio of National Security is both sensitive and critical at this time, as our country is witnessing an escalation in violence and brutality against law-abiding citizens, and it is imperative that the individual holding this position be devoid of any taint or suspicion of involvement in any fraud,” the Opposition Chief Whip said.

“We also question whether the Prime Minister was aware of the allegations brought against Minister Dillon, and if so, for how long has he known, and allowed him to continue sitting in his Cabinet?”

“These allegations levelled against Edmund Dillon show that he is unfit for the office he holds as Minister, and he should do the right thing and resign, and if he does not step aside, the Prime Minister must intervene,” the UNC Deputy Political Leader stated.
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