Allegations against Commissioner nominee …”NO JOB FOR DULALCHAN”

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With all the issues surrounding acting Deputy Commissioner Deodath Dulalchan, it would now appear that he would not be selected to be the next Commissioner of Police and that the Police Service Commission (PSC) would need to return to the table and get another candidate.

There is no way that the Government, using its majority in Parliament, will approve Dulalchan with the allegations hanging over his head.

President Anthony Carmona received the names for Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police and it is now up to the House of Representatives to approve or not approve.

But word is out that the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) recommended disciplinary action against Dulalchan.

Director of the PCA, David West, said: “I have signed a confidentiality agreement with officers involved in the recruitment process for the selection of a Commissioner of Police and a Deputy Commissioner of Police and therefore I have no comment.”

West sent a letter dated December 27, 2017, to PSC chairman Maria Gomes, which identified three issues involving Dulalchan, with a recommendation for immediate disciplinary action.

There are also claims that Dulalchan was somehow involved in the disbanding of a particular Driving Under the Influence Task Force in the TTPS after his son was arrested and charged.

A document dated August 29, 2017, to the Commissioner of State Lands also reported Dulalchan, as senior superintendent, and his alleged involvement in a matter involving a farmer who has occupied and cultivated plots for the past 15-16 years.

It is alleged that Dulalchan initially only applied for the position of Deputy Police Commissioner and it was during the interviewing process he was asked whether he would consider applying for the post of Police Commissioner.

The PSC has been operating with four members for the past 11 months, and there are questions as to the constitutionality of the selection process for Commissioner of Police. Will Carmona appoint  fifth person, or will he leave it to the incoming President to do so?

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