Al Rawi: It wasn’t me

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The Board of Directors of Petrotrin took the decision to withdraw the legal case against its former Executive Chairman Malcolm Jones, according to Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

And that decision was taken after the Board received legal advice, Al Rawi told the House of Representatives on Friday.

He said the matter had become a major legal cost to the State-owned petroleum company.

He denied he had any role in the decision to discontinue the matter.

“The Board decided they would end the matter,” he stated.

Al Rawi made the statements while contributing to a debate on a motion that expressed a loss of confidence in him.

The motion was introduced by Opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Roodal Moonilal, who said that Cabinet had granted legal custody of the matter to the Attorney General.

Al Rawi listed a sequence of legal events leading to the decision to withdraw the matter from court.

He was supported by Stuart Young, a junior Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Young said he was an attorney for Jones.

He said that Al Rawi did not give any instructions to the Petrotrin Board of Directors to discontinue the matter.

He claimed that certain facts had been withheld from the company’s directors.

He stated that there was no political interference in the matter.

Young branded the motion “a waste of parliamentary time.”

At the end of his contribution, debate on the motion was put off.

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