Agriculture Ministry gives permission to cricket clubs …”BUT NO FACILITIES IN THE SAVANNAH”

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THE EDITOR: I would like the Minister of Agriculture, Clarence Rambharat, who likes to be in the media, to explain how his Ministry grants permission to cricket clubs to use the Queen’s Park Savannah, but has no toilet, washroom, or parking facilities for those persons using it.

For years, cricket clubs write to the Ministry of Agriculture, seeing permission to use the Savannah to play cricket. Every year, the Ministry grants permission to erect cricket pitches. But the Ministry expects players and supporters to park around the Savannah, tot cricket bags and other equipment. These persons are also exposed when it rains.

Permission is given by the Director of the Horticultural Services Division. With no facilities, hear the Director, “Your organization shall be responsible for insurance cover (public, personal and civil liability) which may arise out of your use.”

The Director informed clubs that they would be responsible for the removal of garbage after games. So where are the toilet and washroom facilities especially for the women?

Every weekend, I see women and small children attending these matches. How insanitary for them as the Ministry has supplied no facilities, but has laid down ground rules?

Over the years, the police used to enter the Savannah and issue $2,000 tickets to motorists who park. In recent years, the police have stopped. Security guards at the Savannah walk around, checking every vehicle, but they cannot issue parking tickets.

The Ministry has tried its best to block every entrance to the Savannah, but some people are so good, they find ways to drive through.

I think the time has come for the Minister and the authorities to do something about this. Because, the Savannah is open for Carnival and where motorists abuse the parking facilities.

How come people are allowed to park in the Savannah for events at the Grand Stand? Do something about these cricket clubs. We are already seeing a reduction in the number of clubs using the Savannah.
The ball in your court, Minister.

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