AG finds corruption …THEN, CHARGE SOMEONE

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For the past 19 months, this present Government has been accusing the past PP Government of all kinds of things including massive corruption.

They have perused documents, files, closed special purpose companies, suspended people, fired people, and accused others of corruption or as we put it, BOBOL.

Once again, because of their incompetence in handling the sea bridge problems, another instance of corruption has surfaced.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi says there is evidence of corruption regarding how the Super Fast Galicia’s six-month contract turned into a two-year stint.

Al-Rawi said he had perused a bundle of documents which were passed to him by Works Minister Rohan Sinanan upon instruction of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

He added, “On the face of it, yes there is corruption, including by those who were high office holders. The transactions are not on all fours.

“The timing, method and the particulars of the procurement held side by side with the Cabinet knowledge and approval are essential features of analysis in the report which I will produce.”
Al-Rawi said he had now called for further documents regarding the Galicia specifically relating to Cabinet approvals, which he said were very material to the vessel’s transaction.

The AG added, “I received the bundles I have requested already from the Minister and from the Port and what is outstanding are a few documents from the Cabinet itself and I have requested those from the Cabinet Secretariat and I will do the investigation and make the recommendations according to the law.”

He said by the end of this week he is expected to forward a comprehensive review to Rowley, adding that one of his specific mandates given by the PM was to identify culprits.

Al Rawi said, “The Prime Minister’s instruction is to identify with certainty any culpability or wrong doing with respect of this vessel and to report and recommend such action as may be required.”

Al-Rawi said upon the initial arrival of the vessel to Trinidad, the Galicia was not used for a long time because arrangements had not yet been made for it to be received by any docks.

He said the Government was also facing piling bills from the Hyatt Regency hotel for periods when the vessel is anchored outside the hotel, as it causes structural damage to the facility.

The AG added, “It has been moored and loaded next to the Hyatt Hotel and there are multi-million dollar claims coming from the Hyatt in respect to damage which have occurred along that side,” he said.

“We have also known with certainty that the vessel only runs at half capacity because of that issue of mooring.”

He said one of the recommendations was dredging to receive the vessel in a different location, but this would cost $50 million, adding that this must be repeated every two years.

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