AG defends lab named in law

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Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has defended the naming of a private sector firm in a law.

Al Rawi said the company, Occupational Health Solutions, was internationally accredited and had been widely used by the judiciary.

There were surprises in the Senate last Tuesday over the listing of the company in amendments to the Family and Children Division Bill.

Independent Senator Sophia Chote said the naming of a specific private sector firm was “a recipe for mischief.”

Opposition Senator Wade Mark also raised objections.

In the House of Representatives on Friday, Al Rawi defended the listing of the service provider and criticised those who sought to “denigrate” the company.

He identified the company’s credentials.

But Opposition Member of Parliament Barry Padarath said it was “a travesty to have a private company enshrined in law.”

Padarath said the company was “a facilitator for companies abroad.”

He asked: “Why is the Attorney General advancing the interests of a private company?”

The Chaguanas-based company is being used for laboratory paternity testing.

Amendments to the Bill made in the Senate were approved by the House of Representatives.

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