Accused of being a child molestor …”WAS AN INNOCENT MAN KILLED?”

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Was an innocent man beaten and killed in what police are saying was vigilante justice?

Was it because of the state of crime in the country that caused residents of Oropune Gardens to attack a man presumed to be a child molestor?

How will the police proceed to this investigation?

Who will be held responsible for the death of Ashdale Mc Hutchinson, who was beaten last Wednesday night, but died on Sunday afternoon?

Hutchinson, 49, of Lopinot, was beaten for what police reported was vigilante justice. At first, it was reported that he tried to take a young child from Oropune Gardens. That changed to he tried to lure her away. Then the story evolved to him calling a child he did not know cousin. What is definite was the beating that left him bleeding from the mouth, head and eyes were bloodshot.

Residents wanted to drag him across asphalt after he was dragged out some bushes that they set on fire to flush him out. He had to run into the bushes, in an area he was unfamiliar to escape the beating.

Hutchinson was not only beaten, whatever valuables he had was taken from him and he remained in his t-shirts and boxers.

MC Hutchinson went to visit his relatives in Oropune Gardens the day he was beaten. He drank white oak rum and chased it with a coke. By 7 pm his cousin in law, Ann Roberts, found it was time to go home. Hutchinson was given direction to a shop to get a cigarette, but they had none so he went to another, a distance away from where his relatives lived to another shop.

Residents have since apologized to Roberts and her husband Mario for what they did. Fingers began pointing as to who hit him, but none of the heroes turned villains stepped forward.

His relatives want justice. The denied he was the type to be a child molester. Their claim seems to be supported by the fact that police have not stated he was and residents retraction of their original claim.

Before his death he was declared brain dead. Before that he had swelling of the brain and before that he was taken off a respirator for monitoring.

An autopsy will be performed at the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, on Monday.

It will be interesting to see how the police proceed with this investigation.

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