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The publisher of this website, “The Trinidad and Tobago Whistle Blower”, intends to produce and make available at no cost to local, regional and international readers, a politically neutral, balanced, national voice geared to providing greater analysis and insight into the behind-the-scenes decision-making and developments in all spheres of activities in Trinidad and Tobago.

The name we have chosen, “The Trinidad and Tobago Whistle Blower”, is not merely symbolic but also signifies the determination of the publishers and staff to reveal the truth behind the news, the truths behind the stories, and the context in which events take place and which make them more understandable. We will also follow-up and keep track of issues so that there is perspective and ongoing coverage of the major trends and occurrences. In addition, increasingly events are linked inextricably together – the political, economic and social – and we will follow these boundary-spanning issues into the new expanding frontiers, crossing the existing barriers and letting nothing deter us.

We will tell you not just what happened, but what it means.  This is the third dimension of news and we will explore that hitherto ignored and forbidden territory together. We will go beyond the boundaries that circumscribe the other media organisations and get the real stories from real people who know the facts but have been hampered in their search for a trustworthy and fearless forum to reveal the truth about many of the events and occurrences in this country.

We will provide and interpret for you, our readers, the hidden agendas and activities of the power-brokers, the movers and shakers and the wheelers-and-dealers behind the scenes who pull the strings and call the shots.

We will do all this without fear, favour or political affiliation. Through our multiple feedback mechanisms, you will be able to reach us and tell us what you think, what you want and what you have experienced. If you have insight, knowledge and proof of actions or activities that are not in the national interest, or even in your personal interest as a citizen or as a member of a community, we will respect your right to anonymity and confidentiality in whatever steps we take, with your knowledge and approval, to get the truth out into the national public information agenda.

We are committed to the right of the public to know what is happening and why, who is involved and how, when did things happen or not happen. But even more, we will help you to identify what each and all of us can do, individually or as a nation, to make Trinidad and Tobago a better, fairer, more humane, egalitarian and caring place in which to live.

We can be found online at: www.TTWhistleBlower.com

You can contact us at: tntwhistleblower2016@gmail.com

Please note, unless you specifically request otherwise, your privacy and anonymity will be respected.