Abduction of schoolboy, 16 …FROM “FAKE” TO “GENUINE” KIDNAPPING

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After Brandon Sam was released from captivity, the police quickly advised that the entire kidnapping was a “fake”.

Brandon’s mother, Ria Lutchman, had to turn to the media to question why the police would say that, despite all the evidence, and the bruises and insect bites on her son.

Now the police are saying it is a genuine kidnapping, as they have charged five persons with kidnapping for ransom. What bungling from the anti-kidnapping unit, which will have that issue raised during the hearing.

On Friday, another student, 16, was among five people jointly charged with kidnapping Sam, who were granted a total $ 950,000 bail with surety by a Sangre Grande Magistrate.

The 16 -year-old had initially been reported kidnapped but on Thursday the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) instructed the police to lay charges against him.

The other accused were Deokumar Lutchman, 39, a construction worker, of North Oropouche; Bissessar Arjoon, 52, also a construction worker, of Brierley Street, Sangre Grande; Ashraf Hosein, 28, of GP Road, Barrackpore; and Nicholas Jagessar, 20, of Thai Road, Barrackpore.

The five, who are accused of kidnapping Brandon Sam, were not called upon to plead as the charges were laid indictably.

Jagesssar and Hosein are being represented by attorney Candace Price who asked for reasonable bail for her clients. She told the court Jagessar ws gainfully employed, has two children ages 4 months and three years, has strong family ties and is not a flight risk. She also said Hosein has two children and is a self employed construction worker.

Attorney Elvin Cudjoe, who is representing Lutchman and Arjoon said his clients have relatively clean police records and were gainfully employed, while Denise Waldropt, who represented the teen, said he lives with his family and is not a flight risk.

Magistrate Debra Quintyne granted bail to the five accused with conditions, including that they stay 1000 feet from the victim, must not communicate at any time with him and desist from visiting his home and school.

The teen was granted $100,000 bail with surety, while Jagessar, Lutchman and Bissessar were each granted $200,000 bail with surety and Hosein $250,000 bail with surety.

The matter was adjourned to September 29.

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