Abduction of Ria Sookdeo… A kidnapping for revenge

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The kidnapping of Ria Sookdeo was not one for ransom. It was a kidnapping for revenge. Relatives of the missing woman are aware of what went down, but all they want is for Ria to safely return home.

But that is unlikely to happen because of the circumstances of her kidnapping. Imagine a woman is brazenly kidnapping in broad daylight and not a word from the kidnappers. It is clear the kidnappers do not want money. Their motive was to send a message, “don’t mess with us.”

From day one, TTWhistleblower was on the ball, saying that there was a family link to her woman’s disappearance. And the police never took note until a week later after bungling the investigations by arresting a suspended policeman and his sister, both of whom had watertight alibis.

One of Ria’s relatives was tied up to illegal activities with known felons. After taking goods on credit, the relative refused to pay. Despite repeated requests for the money, the relative refused.

A warning was finally sent to the relative, who panicked and decided to hide his family. Unable to locate the relative and his family, the felons decided to do the best thing – kidnap someone close to send a message.

The felons, working with persons in the army and police, snatched Ria. No ransom was demanded and no one has been in contact with Ria. The mother of two is now presumed dead as the felons will not keep her in captivity for three weeks.

Ria, 34, dropped off her two young children at the Picton Presbyterian Primary School three Thursdays ago and was turning her vehicle around when she was blocked.

Ria, of Wellington Road, Debe, was taken from her red Nissan X-Trail SUV and placed in a heavily tinted black X-Trail.

The black vehicle was captured on closed circuit camera (CCTV) footage heading towards Barrackpore.

A black X-Trail was seized by police and an ex-policeman detained three days later. But the man was released and police have determine that the vehicle was not used in Sookdeo’s abduction.

Sookdeo’s handbag, cellphone and one side of a pair of slippers were found at the scene.

Police have also obtained her telephone and financial records.

Investigators have assured Sookdeo’s family that the case had not gone cold.

Acting Police Commissioner Harold Phillip said the Police Service was utilising all its resources to have Sookdeo returned to her family.

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