Abduction of  couple in Central …”WAS IT A REAL KIDNAPPING?”

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Was it a real kidnapping?

Police are investigating all angles to determine whether  the kidnapping in Central Trinidad on Wednesday night, was genuine. So far, they are looking at the circumstances, and said that something was not adding up. The kidnappers were not blindfolded at any time.

Terrance Rampersad and his wife, Lutchmin, both 52, said they were abducted outside their Orange Field, Carapichaima home after returning from a birthday celebration dinner with family at Town Restaurant, Port-of-Spain, around 11 pm on Wednesday.

Lutchmin, a business woman and lotto operator, told police she was released in some bushes in the Gran Couva area. She managed to get help from a passerby, who took her to the police station. She was then taken to the Couva District Hospital and then at about 3 am, she returned to her family.

Lutchmin was told she was being freed to organise $30,000 for the safe release of her husband. She was warned not to go to the police otherwise Rampersad would be killed.

In the meantime, Rampersad escaped from his kidnappers in Penal around 5 am. He told police officers that when he thought it was safe he made a dash for it. Rampersad took off his shirt and threw it away while he hid the overgrown bushes. He remained there for a while and waited for the men to leave the area. During his escape, Rampersad told police that the men fired several gunshots and threatened to kill him if they had found him.

Rampersad made his way to the M2 Ring Road where he flagged down a passing police vehicle. The officers took him to the station where they made contact with the Anti-Kidnapping Squad’s investigating officers.

According to a police report, at about 11 pm the couple arrived at their home in their SUV when a silver car stopped behind them. As Rampersad came out his vehicle he noticed the men coming up their driveway. He attempted to warn his wife but they were ambushed.

The couple was taken and bundled into their SUV by one of the men, who then drove off with them. They were then transferred to another vehicle along the southbound lane of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway and their SUV was left abandoned at the side of the road Rampersad’s vehicle was later recovered by police.

The couple was then driven to a bushy area in Gran Couva where Rampersad’s wife was released. The silver car used by the kidnappers is believed to be a stolen vehicle.

Investigations are continuing.

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